Now is the time to take care of your skin more than ever before and really use lockdown to your advantage in doing so!

Here’s 10 beauty tips for lockdown, which you may never get another opportunity for.

1. Let Your Skin Breathe – Be Make Up Free

Taking a break from makeup could do wonders for your natural complexion and open up all those pores, so they can finally breathe.

It may take some getting used to at first, but you will get more accustomed to your bare look. Embrace your natural skin tones!

2. Moisturize Religiously

It’s easy to break good habits when you’re not leaving the house to go anywhere, but don’t neglect your skin of moisturizer. Apply your usual moisturizer every morning, religiously without fail.

There are multiple benefits of moisturizing, from improving hydration to decreasing the onset of wrinkles. So keep your skin moist and supple “everyday” during lockdown.

3. Drink Clean Fluids

Everyone is embracing new clean habits during lockdown and ‘change’ is inevitably happening everywhere, in every household. Minimizing processed and artificial ingredients in our pantries is something we now have time to be aware of. 

You can buy a bag of limes for the same price, if not cheaper than a bottle of cordial squash. Detox daily with a water infused, chopped and squeezed limes, with added fresh mint.

This concoction is invigorating for your skin deep down to the bottom layers.

4. Screen Your Skin

With lockdown perfectly timed with Spring and Summer, no doubt many of us will be drawn towards the more sunny spots of our homes and gardens. With the slower pace of life that is now upon us, finding our sunglasses, sunscreen and sunhat may feel like an arduous chore.

Make it a priority to always have these three items accessible. The sun’s calming rays can easily sedate us into a state of laziness and skin neglect when it comes to using sunscreen, but don’t let your mind give in.

Each time you sit in the sun with unprotected layers of skin, you are harming your skin’s collagen structure, increasing how quickly wrinkles will start to appear.

5. Pamper Yourself

Korean face masks have really taken off in the last few years. The convenience of a ready made mask soaked in essential nutrients appeals greatly and outweighs the traditional pastes derived from a tube.

The post-softness of your skin as you gently run your fingertips over your cheeks feels comforting and something we should all endeavour to treat ourselves to more!

Gift yourself a ready to apply mask.

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