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A Real Housewive Ordered From Us!

Posted by Isabella Harper on
A Real Housewive Ordered From Us!

To respect our customer's identity we will not be stating which housewife it was. It would have been amazing if she left us a review on Trustpilot or commented on one of our Instagram posts, but let's be realistic hey.

Life in the states just seems so much more exuberant and fun than the life we bland brits lead! Apart from Big Ben, I’m under the impression that most Americans would agree the British Royals are probably the only interesting thing about us Brits.


Let’s be frank, the only time you ever hear the Brits mentioned on the E! Entertainment Channel, is when they talk about Meghan or Kate.

You guys have Kardashians, Hollywood film-stars, Beyonce and many more music stars; the list is endless.

So, it’s no surprise when we got an order from a customer in a prestigious city, home to the entertainment industry, that we were left buzzing with excitement to quickly Google who she was! She certainly sounded like a celebrity and Google’s results confirmed it for us.

We’ve all heard of Real Housewives and this was one of them. Following the recent news, this particular reality show actress was hot on the return to the latest season and we’ve inferred that many Americans are extremely excited about her appearance! We guessed maybe she wanted the fillers before the show airs or perhaps New Years celebrations.

We recently saw some pictures of our Hollywood star and think she may have had her treatment, because she looked absolutely stunning!

What we really admire about her is the power of decisiveness. Landing on our store to scoop up exactly what she wanted. It's a skill to have, to just go in a shop, get what you want and pay for it. No abandoned carts, no fussing about.

We often get the impression that celebs don’t really want to talk about their fillers and work they’ve had done and whilst being mindful of ‘Fake News’, my colleagues have insisted she’s not ashamed about having fillers and openly admits to it. We think this is great because we know so many deny they've had any work done!

We know the accessibility of buying fillers online means many customers cut out the middle man and lots of celebrities probably have their own personal aesthetic nurse at hand to carry out the treatment for them. So that’s what we deduced from why she decided to order from us!

When most businesses are winding down during the weekend before Christmas, getting into the spirit of the season, we decided to fulfil all our orders; picking, packing, boxing and rolling them under the Christmas tree. Ready for despatch the next day. We wanted to do everything we could to make sure her order made its way to her speedily - even if the courier always collects at 2.30pm on a weekday and it really wouldn’t have made any difference!

In case you're wondering, this celeb was smart enough to get their post delivered to their office and not their home address. 

It wasn't as stress-free as we anticipated and my heart missed a few beats whilst monitoring the tracking status on the day of delivery.


The status changed to a red alert! A few Googles of the zipcode corresponding to the nearby post office and chatting to a postal worker meant this parcel DID get delivered a few hours later, cancelling all alerts. (Sorry actual details of the alert cannot be published here for privacy reasons).

Without giving too much information away and protecting customer confidentiality, we have listed the products below that our celeb ordered from us and the different indications they can be used to treat and yes, there’s no doubt about it, she even purchased a product for her lips, because no look is entirely complete without a lip filler, is it?

Juvederm Hydrate 

Combats Crow’s Feet, Tear Troughs and dark circles by replacing lost moisture in those areas.

  • Fights free radicals
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Boosts natural hydration, elasticity and tone
  • Creates a healthy glow

Juvederm Voluma Lidocaine

One of our best sellers which is a popular choice for uplifting cheekbones and creating a well-defined jawline. Important features that give you the look of a model. 

 Juvederm Voluma is a popular choice to create a well defined jawline. Think of it as a necklift to uplift the heart of the face. 

-- Intense

Creates deep volume with a natural look. Can erase and lines or folds around the mouth or nose and maybe used for lip augmentation too.

Restylane Kysse

No doubt, Kysse was used for luscious lips, because no look is complete without a pretty pout! Restylane Kysse gives all of the following benefits, no wonder this actress chose it!

  • Improved contours at the lip border.
  • Enhances upper and lower lips by adding natural-looking volume
  • Adds balance to asymmetrical (unbalanced, unequal) lips so that the upper and lower lip are both in  proportion to each other
  • Improves lip texture and smoothness

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