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  • 10 x Belotero® Soft Lidocaine (1 x 1ml) SAVE $450

    Original price was: $1,800.00.Current price is: $1,350.00.
  • Belotero® Balance Lidocaine (1 x 1ml)

    Original price was: $190.00.Current price is: $170.00.
  • Belotero® Volume Lidocaine (2 x 1ml) + Cannulas

    Original price was: $380.00.Current price is: $250.00.

Belotero provides a wide variety of dermal fillers that are effective in smoothing and filling wrinkles, augmenting lips, restoring lost facial volume, and hydrating the skin. These products can be used alone or combined to create a customized solution that meets the individual’s specific needs based on their skin structure, skin type, and concerns. The integration of Belotero products into the skin results in a natural and seamless look.

Belotero’s success lies in its unique Dynamic Cross-Linking Technology, which replenishes lost hyaluronic acid due to aging, reducing the effects of skin aging. This state-of-the-art technique involves optimizing the ratio of suppleness, cohesivity, and flexibility, specifically targeting the requirements of the intended skin layer, to achieve realistic and exceptionally healthy outcomes.

Belotero offers a range of dermal fillers, each with a specific purpose for treating different problems such as marionette lines, wrinkles, lip shape and volume, and face volume. The selection of fillers is available with or without the anesthetic lidocaine, providing added convenience for treatments. Belotero volume, intensity, and balance are ideal for correcting wrinkles and fine lines, reducing severe creases, and enhancing facial fullness, while Belotero Soft is effective in reducing tiny wrinkles, particularly around the mouth.