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Dissolving fat has never been easier with products such as Kybella and Aqualyx. The latter being the most cost-effective solution with more formula for your money.

Aqualyx is proven to dissolve stubborn fat in areas where it has resided in the body for years. Many people give up on trying to remove this fat, as they see no results in their diet changes or exercise routine.

The only way to remove this type of fat is to dissolve it so it passes out the body’s waste system, an alternative to liposuction which requires surgery. A new and improved body shape is the result, giving you the confidence you deserve to be you again. Don’t let fat take over your life and dictate to you how to live. Take control and invest in Aqualyx, a cheaper and efficient alternative to Kybella.

Still not sure what Aqualyx is? Find out more about what Aqualyx is and how it works.