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Okay so frown lines … They can be the remnant of all that frowning. Two lines, (sometimes three?) between the eyebrows, ‘when’ we are NOT even frowning. Those particular frown lines are the remains of all that frowning, worry and stress.

Have a go at frowning now. We never make that expression when we’re feeling positively happy do we? So cutting out all of life’s worries and stresses can mean we lower our chances of developing those pesky frown lines.

Moving on, there are the other type of frown lines which are caused by the constant contracting of the muscle between the eyebrows. The muscle fails to relax, creating a worried and often, unintentional mean look. This is where Botox comes into play. But, as you’ve probably already gathered we don’t stock or sell Botox, so you’ll have to see your doctor for that.

Also, frown lines don’t just exist between the eyebrows either. Think about what else constitutes a frowning emotion. Our mouth right? Deep Oral Commissures around the mouth can┬ágive the appearance of a constant frown and can be filled in with┬áRestylane Defyne┬áor┬áRefyne, which we haven’t pictured on this page which only features products for Glabellar frown lines. We just didn’t want to confuse you!