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Losing mid-face volume is what causes the heaviness of jowls that sink into the jawline.

They say people with thicker skin and healthier lifestyle choices never develop jowls, the drooping of the skin from the cheeks that create a sagging jawline appearance.

For the rest of us, who have less resilient or fuller skin, we are more vulnerable and susceptible to the pull of gravity on our skin. Other factors that can make you more prone to jowls include any history of sunburn, as harsh UV rays can have a detrimental effect on the collagen scaffolding within our skin layers.

All is not lost and that’s where fillers come in to play their fantastic role!

Radiesse and Juvederm Voluma are popular choices when it comes to creating a natural facelift. Both are FDA-approved.

Juvederm Voluma is a thick viscous gel that when used in the cheeks can give a lift to the jowl area and is popularly used to improve the appearance of jowls, by restoring shape and volume.