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Marionette Lines can be characterised as the lines that run from the sides of the mouth, down to the jaw / chin line.

They have quite an impact on the overall expression of our face and can make us look grumpy or as if we are frowning. As we age, these lines can become more defined creating a look that truly does not reflect how we feel inside. You could be the happiest person on Earth, but your marionette lines will dictate otherwise and often create a mis-leading impression.

The pull of gravity doesn’t help either. When you consider the meaning of the name ‘marionette’ it’s referring to a puppet that’s being pulled by strings. These symmetrically aligned strings mirror the effect of the two lines that form on both sides of the mouth, down towards the chin, as if our chin is almost the puppet to these lines.

Dermal fillers for marionette lines have been specially formulated to create a taut, lifted jawline and redefining volume in the area where the lines become more dominant. Specially trained aesthetics know how to use these dermal fillers to erase any sign of marionette lines. You will find numerous Restylane products can be used for this treatment.