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Say goodbye to an arched, hooked or bridged-shaped nose and create the perfect ski-lift at the tip of your nose with dermal fillers. The lunch-time nose job I am considering has been sold to me after watching an aesthetician perform his amazing three point technique on three separate areas of the top of the nose.

His client’s nose looked undeniably pretty and she looked admirably younger too. The greatest thing is that even though the hyaluronic acid breaks down over time and re-treatment is an option, some of the key ingredient┬ádoes┬ástay behind as ‘yours to keep forever’, perhaps that natural collagen boost, which means re-treatment is not even needed after all and your money has been well spent after all.

This reminds me of a conversation I was having recently with a customer on our live chat facility. I used the term ‘one-off treatment’, when the American lady pointed out that she was not familiar with this British slang followed by a lol and that she┬áwanted me to clarify what I meant by ‘one-off’. For those of you, who haven’t heard of this phrase either, it means ‘something that only happens once’. It makes me all the wiser, that although we share the same language, the Atlantic Ocean between us creates many differences in how we communicate via our accents, spellings, phrases and even speed! Sometimes I will get a customer asking me to slow down.

Going back to the topic in hand, the best thing about non-surgical rhinoplasty using fillers is that it’s not permanent. The enzyme Hyaluronidase gives many aesthetics peace-of-mind when they need to dissolve a gel and reverse the treatment.

I’ve heard of surgical rhinoplasty cases where patients develop breathing problems after surgery, but with a filler, there are no knives involved, no cutting or removing any parts of your nose.┬áJust┬áfilling the shape of your nose where it droops at the tip or is too hollow┬ábetween the┬áeyes, making it look more sleeker and often, miraculously smaller in shape too.

Juvederm Voluma┬áis popularly used in non-invasive liquid gel┬árhinoplasty. It’s completely safe to use at the bridge, mid-point and tip of the nose.