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We might not dream of ever having sagging ear lobes, but one day the sight of ear lobes that have been subjected to years of pulling and tugging from heavy, diamond-encrusted earrings, might just be what greets us back in the mirror.

Aging is one of those bewildering processes that creeps up on us gradually. Sagging earlobes and smile lines may feel like they just appeared one day, but the loss of volume is something our body doesn’t prepare us for. In fact, many people don’t even know that volume loss is such a thing, or how wrinkles appear. You don’t need to know the science behind wrinkles, but we find it does help so you can make informed choices about the products you use to treat your indication.

Restylane is a popular filler for restoring the lost volume in sagging earlobes. It transforms the lobe, making it fully supported and giving it definition once again. It really is like reversing all the signs of wear, tear and ageing.

Ear-plumping or eartox is becoming increasingly popular as more and more women discover that this procedure even exists. The key thing in treatment is for the lobe to look more inflated, smoother and hydrated again. You can still continue to wear earrings after, but not straight away. Healing is key for the lobe to look miraculously repaired again.

Also, we would advise to not wear such heavyweight earrings before or after treatment.