When it comes to good skin, who do we trust more than the French? Their outstanding world-class anti-aging formulas have been relied upon and used by French women for centuries.

Laboratories Vivacy, with their proud French origin, specialize in innovative skin technology implementing hyaluronic acid. Their next generation formulas are truly tried and tested.

With so many other leading brands available on the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with choosing ‘the right one’. After all, it’s a big decision for many women who want to look younger using ‘the very best’ at an affordable rate.

Going with the well known brand is always the easiest option, but trying something just as good could work much more comfortably with your skin. There’s no way of finding out, until you try.

Vivacy Stylage sounds as French as it possibly could and it goes without saying, when we travel to Paris in the Summer, what is it that draws us to the beautiful French culture and brands? Our inner instinct somehow tells us to trust the French because of their natural elegance. They way they speak, the way they hold themselves. It’s not just about beautiful models used for marketing skincare and aesthetic products.

Let’s take a look at the Vivacy Stylage brand of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. There’s S M L and XL. All varying in viscosity to improve fine lines, deep wrinkles and folds. The question that arises a lot, not just with the Vivacy brand, but many others too, is how does it compare to Juvederm?

When you look at the science behind Juvederm, they have high G prime, (this is a measure of the hardness of the gel), with medium to high cohesivity. This makes Juvederm gel smooth and malleable, whilst being able able to resist deformation.

Stylage, on the other hand, also has a unique quality, which is the presence of the anti-oxidant Mannitol. It is this special ingredient that protects against free radical damage deep inside the skin layers. Magically, it also It also increases the stability and life of the hyaluronic acid inside the skin, ensuring it doesn’t break down so quickly. So, thanks to Mannitol, Stylage is also a durable filler.

It doesn’t stop there. It’s anti-oxidative qualities lower the level of swelling and bruising which is often a common symptom witnessed after many aesthetic treatments.

You may have noticed companies like Allergan and Vivacy love using clever names for the technologies they use to formulate their gels. Stylage’s IPN-like Technology means the individual cross-linked matrices transform into a monophasic gel, by undergoing an interpenetrating network-like (IPN-like) process. This increases the density of cross-linking without any additional cross-linking agent.

Juvederm’s Vycross Technologies use a single cross-linking process. Both low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid chains are combined together to form a monophasic, monodensified gel. Whilst many women will be far from interested in the jargon names associated with how fillers are made, all they will want to know is how long they will see faded wrinkles and plumper lips.

Aesthetic practitioners will want to know though. They will make informed decisions about which fillers they will stock based on the different manufacturing methods. As each unique method is responsible for the varying physical attributes of each gel. In turn, contributing to the way the gel integrates with the skin layers.

In summary, we know that Juvederm helps to achieve a cohesive consistency inside the skin tissue, whilst Stylage has a lighter, less dense structure. Both give an even distribution when applied to the area of treatment.

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