Not all patients want fuller looking lips, some are more conscious about their Cupid’s Bow, the shape of their upper lip. In fact, this a frequent request by many patients when they visit their aesthetic practitioner.

 Whilst all the facial features play their own individual role in creating ultimate attractiveness, the lips are the most prominent feature that help an individual achieve prettiness. Pretty lips ooze out youthfulness and beauty that fixes the onlooker’s gaze.

Yes, we know some people are blessed to have the perfectly defined lips and cupid’s bow, but that’s probably down to some karma from their previous life. You might be thinking what is this cupid’s bow I keep referring to? In short, it’s the double curve of the upper lip vermillion, it’s meant to symbolise the bow used by Cupid, the Roman God of Love.

Luckily, for those who don’t possess the perfect pout, experienced certified aestheticians are able to help you achieve lip augmentation using lip fillers. A professional aesthetician would always carry out a full clinical assessment before they carry out any lip treatment. This would include taking a full medical history and informing you about the treatment and any associated complications. Your consent to have the dermal fillertreatment carried out should be obtained via a signature.

Remember a professional who has carried out the treatment many times before will have experience and knowledge of making the lip changes complement your existing facial features, ensuring the results sit well on you. They will also know the anatomy of the lip inside out, including where the different blood vessels are located.

The upper lip where the cupid’s bow is of interest, there is the superior labial artery which sits below the mucosa of the inner lip. Then there are two branches of columellar artery which run parallel and sit in the middle of the lip, running up to the nose and deep inside the muscle. There is a lot to consider.

If you have an active cold sore, then the aesthetician should advise you to wait until it has healed completely. You and your aesthetician should be wary about treating over recent cold sores. Wait for them to completely disappear before attempting to make any changes.

It’s normal for any aesthetician to make you aware of any scars, lumps or asymmetries (as mentioned in our article ‘One Other Reason Why Women Want Lip Fillers‘) before they start treatment, as many patients are unaware of the existence of such deformities and your aesthetician would not want to be blamed for these after the treatment.

And don’t be afraid to ask for a mirror! Watching the changes happen in front of you should be standard procedure. These are your lips and you want to make sure the practitioner is creating the very best results for you!


Every pair of lips should be treated individually taking note of the optimum ratio of lip proportions for upper and lower lip. Ideal lip proportions are 1:2 (one third top and two thirds bottom). For some patients, a flattened, aged cupid’s bow can be restored by adding lost volume. Too much volume can have the reverse effect causing  problems with unnatural, over-volumized definition. Over-inflation can also create the duck lip effect which most want to avoid!

If naturally you don’t have any definition of a cupid’s bow, then it can be more trickier and several treatments may be recommended by your cosmetic aesthetician. Injecting on the vermillion itself and then small amounts of filler into the philtral ridges could help to lift the cupid’s bow up.

Foxy Fillers don’t ever recommending speeding up your treatment. Slow increment give better results. Building the cupid’s bow up in small steps, around 0.1-0.2 ml is better than injecting a full 1ml in one go!

Cannula or Needle for Cupid’s Bow?

Treating the Cupid’s Bow with a needle gives better precision and control. However, cannulas are safer for new aestheticians to ensure the blood supply to the lip os not damaged in any way. A cannula can stay close to the upper superficial layer of the lip muscle, whereas a needle has more chances of reaching the deep blood vessels.

Usually the only complications that rise are light bruising and swelling (very normal) and patients not getting the results they wanted. So it’s important to be upfront about the results you want and researching your aesthetician thoroughly in advance. 

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