Fillers are the best invention yet. Of course, why wouldn’t we promote them? However, it’s important to note that fillers are great when they’re done in moderation. Overusing them can really alter your appearance and if you expose your skin tissue to too much filler within a short period of time, then the area will puff up. The side effect of over-filling is when the filler is absorbed, increased droopiness is left behind. Imagine a balloon that is stretched when it’s overfilled with air; once the air is released, the balloon is not as taut as it originally was, due to the overstretching.

Botox Beyond 50

Beyond the age of fifty, you need to start being more mindful of where exactly you are going to get Botox injected into your forehead.

The challenge starts to increase when injecting into the forehead causes the eyebrows to spike upwards, resulting in an expression similar to a clown’s startled look. Injection into an optimally poor site can also result in the upper eyelid skin being pulled upwards to make the appearance seem unnatural.

A good practitioner will ensure the right zone for injection depending on the patient’s age and reasons for using Botox. Their expertise can make a huge difference in creating the right results. The simple decision to change the site of administration from directly above the eyebrows to the side of the face, in the area between the eye and the temple, may be all that is required for the best result.

Avoid Facials Before or After Botox/Fillers

There is some additional advice for Botox treatment that also applies to dermal filler treatment, and it’s regardless of age: never get a facial on the same day as your treatment, especially if it’s one that requires a massage. The side effects can include swelling around the eyes, making it difficult for you to open them the next morning and even drooping eyelids.

Prevent Hyperpigmentation

Medical needling or injections that puncture the skin, such as Botox or fillers mean that you should be extra careful with your skin afterwards.

One important piece of advice to consider is Do Not apply a peel containing acids straight after an injection treatment. It can result in hyperpigmentation.

Laser to Correct Bruising From Botox/Fillers

Broken blood vessels (bruising) can be one of the side effects of having fillers or Botox. Now, special lasers specifically designed to reduce the appearance of bruising can work within just a few hours.

How does it work?

This particular laser targets blood outside the vessels, not the blood inside the vessels. A bruise is the result of blood leaking out of the broken vessel.

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