Croma-Pharma, the Austrian manufacturers of Princess Fillers have rebranded their Princess filler range into a new brand called saypha®.

The move is a step forward in harmonising its global plan efforts. Many customers will embrace the change, whilst others will not welcome it so gladly. Well, the saying goes “You can’t always please everyone.”

Or can you?

The attachment to a brand name can give off a sense of comfort to many patients, especially when they have received fantastic results. Many patients report no swelling with princess fillers, in comparison to other big brand names.

So whilst, some customers may not recognise the new branding or think, why have I received saypha? Where’s my Princess Filler? You can be reassured that only the name has changed; the composition and results still remain completely the same. The Hyaluronic Acid used is still from non-animal origins and still manufactured using the highest level of quality assurance standards.

The filler itself is presented in an award-winning glass syringe which enables smooth, easy application. There is no possibility of any foreign compounds being able to enter the gel. Purity is never compromised!

So, why the change anyway?

Well, according to the Andreas Prinz, Croma’s Managing Director, the term ‘Princess’ was not suitable to expand towards global customers. Instead, the name ‘Saypha’ is more in line with the Croma brand, to create a more unified look and feel on an international scale.

Croma have stated their new branding enables the Saypha products to be easily distinguished from each other. Previously it was not easy to see if a product contains Lidocaine or not. A red band at the bottom of the box indicates the presence of Lidocaine, as opposed to a blue band for without.

This makes it easier for distributors, stockists and aestheticians to distinguish between Lidocaine and no Lidocaine.

What else is different?

The previous Princess range had a gold embossed Princess logo on the front of each box. Now, the box showcases a collections of embossed circles, as well as the manufacturer’s name CROMA in black embossed lettering at the top of each box.

Which Saypha products are available at Foxy Fillers?

At Foxy Fillers, we stock saypha Filler Lidocaine (CE0120)  for gentle moderate wrinkles / lip volume and saypha Volume Lidocaine (CE0120) for deeper wrinkles and folds.

The history of Croma-Pharma has a beautiful enthralling story to tell. Founded in 1976 by an Austrian family, Croma began producing hyaluronic acid gel syringes for medical and ophthalmology uses. Today the company has 10 international sales companies and distributes in more than 70 countries. Gel syringes are not the only thing the company specialises in either. Read on…

Croma also manufacture PDO lifting threads, a PRP or Platelet Rich System and a unique personalised skincare technology called Universkin.

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