When it comes to achieving the perfect posterior, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Butts come in all shapes and sizes, and each individual has their own unique goals and desires for their derriere. That’s where the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure comes in. This popular cosmetic surgery option allows individuals to enhance and reshape their buttocks to achieve their desired look. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different types of butt lift shapes, helping you find the perfect fit for your body and aesthetic goals.

The Square Shape
One common natural butt shape is the square shape. This shape is characterized by a lack of feminine curves, with flat sides that can give the buttocks a more masculine appearance. Many women with a square-shaped butt often struggle with filling out their clothes and have excess body fat distribution around the waist. To address this shape, a butt augmentation procedure typically involves liposuction to remove fat cells from areas such as the love handles, lower back, and abdomen. The harvested fat is then carefully grafted to achieve a curvier and fuller buttock shape.

The V Shape
Another common butt shape is the V shape. This shape is characterized by excess fat located on the top of the buttocks, outer thighs, and waist. It can be a more challenging shape to alter naturally, as it requires targeted muscle bulk to the lower area of the buttocks. However, through strategic liposuction and contouring, plastic surgeons can create a rounder and wider shape that is in proportion to the rest of the body. By removing excess fat cells from the thighs and waist, a more balanced and shapely buttock can be achieved.

The A Shape
The A shape is often considered the most feminine and desirable butt shape. It features a narrow waist and wide hips, creating an hourglass figure. Women with an A-shaped buttock often seek cosmetic or plastic surgery to increase the size and perkiness of their buttocks. This shape is commonly referred to as the heart shape and is a coveted aesthetic for those desiring a curvaceous and sensual appearance.


Popular Brazilian Butt Lift Shapes
Within the realm of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures, there are three main shapes that individuals often seek: the Natural Shape, the Enhanced Shape, and the Full Shape. Let’s explore each of these shapes in more detail.

The Natural Shape
The Natural Shape Brazilian Butt Lift is a popular choice, particularly among women who are reasonably fit and slim. This shape requires a minimal amount of fat for the fat transfer procedure. The goal of the Natural Shape BBL is to provide a perky, round bottom that fills out any visible hip dips. This shape creates a more subtle enhancement, maintaining a natural appearance while enhancing the overall shape and contour of the buttocks.


The Enhanced Shape
For those desiring a rounder and more voluminous buttock, the Enhanced Shape Brazilian Butt Lift may be the ideal choice. Good candidates for this shape are women with naturally wide hips, similar to the A-shaped buttock. This shape involves liposuction contouring to remove excess fat from areas such as the waist and thighs. The fat is then carefully injected into the buttocks to create a fuller and more sculpted appearance. The Enhanced Shape BBL provides a more noticeable enhancement while still maintaining a natural-looking result.

The Full Shape
If you’re looking for the most dramatic transformation, the Full Shape Brazilian Butt Lift may be the right choice for you. This shape focuses on achieving a generous volume and a large degree of projection in the buttocks. During the surgical procedure, the plastic surgeon will primarily focus on fat transfer to the upper and middle areas of the buttocks to create the desired shape and sculpting. The final results of the Full Shape BBL rely heavily on the ratio of buttock size to waist measurements, creating a striking and eye-catching appearance.

Choosing Your Perfect Butt Lift Shape

Selecting the right butt lift shape for your body and aesthetic goals is a personal decision. It’s essential to consider your natural buttock shape, body proportions, and the level of enhancement you desire. Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon is crucial to ensure you receive personalized advice and guidance based on your unique anatomy.

Types of Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift procedures offer a range of options to suit different patient needs and goals. Let’s explore the various types of BBL procedures available:

Mini BBL
A mini Brazilian Butt Lift is a variation of the traditional BBL procedure. It involves the transfer of a smaller amount of fat, typically around 400 to 500cc, compared to the 800 to 900cc used in a regular BBL. This technique is suitable for patients who desire a more subtle enhancement or wish to improve the symmetry and shape of their buttocks while maintaining a natural appearance.

Lipo 360 and BBL
The Lipo 360 and BBL procedure combines liposuction with Brazilian Butt Lift to achieve overall body contouring and buttock enhancement. In addition to removing excess fat from the areas around the waist, back, and thighs, the harvested fat is then injected into the buttocks to enhance their shape and volume. This comprehensive approach ensures a balanced and proportionate figure, resulting in a more contoured and sculpted appearance.

Plus Size BBL
The plus-size Brazilian Butt Lift is specifically designed for patients with a higher body mass index (BMI). While a healthy weight is generally preferred for surgical procedures, some patients with a higher BMI can still be suitable candidates for a BBL. The procedure aims to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks while considering the specific needs and considerations of plus-size patients.

J Plasma Brazilian Butt Lift
The J Plasma Brazilian Butt Lift is an advanced body contouring procedure that combines liposuction and J Plasma tightening. In addition to removing excess fat through liposuction, areas above and below the buttocks are treated with J Plasma technology. J Plasma uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and firm the skin, resulting in a greater enhancement of the buttocks compared to a traditional BBL procedure.

Non-surgical BBL
For patients who prefer a non-invasive approach, non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift options are available. These procedures use injections of substances such as hydrogen or silicone to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks without the need for surgery. Non-surgical BBL can be a suitable option for patients who do not have enough excess fat for a fat transfer or prefer a non-surgical alternative.

Non-invasive BBL
Non-invasive Brazilian Butt Lift treatments do not require incisions or surgery. These treatments aim to trigger natural processes in the body to improve the appearance of the buttocks. Rather than injectables or fat transfers, non-invasive BBL treatments focus on stimulating collagen production and enhancing the skin’s quality. These treatments provide more subtle results and are often preferred by patients looking for a natural enhancement.

Sculptra BBL
Sculptra is a type of dermal filler that can be used to enhance the buttocks without surgery. The filler stimulates collagen production in the skin, resulting in improved shape, structure, and overall appearance of the buttocks. Sculptra BBL provides a non-surgical option for patients who desire a fuller and more lifted buttock area.

Each type of Brazilian Butt Lift procedure offers unique benefits and considerations. It is important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine which procedure is best suited to your individual needs and goals.

Choosing Your Desired Appearance

When considering a Brazilian Butt Lift, it is essential to think about the specific appearance you desire. Here are some factors to consider:

Shelf vs. Slope BBL
Shelf and slope buttocks refer to different shapes that can be achieved with a Brazilian Butt Lift. A shelf buttock has a more dramatic projection, creating a prominent and lifted appearance. On the other hand, a slope buttock has a more gradual curve, offering a natural-looking enhancement. The choice between a shelf and slope Brazilian Butt Lift depends on your personal preferences and desired outcome. Discussing your goals with a board-certified plastic surgeon will help determine the most suitable option for you.

Hourglass BBL
Many patients aspire to achieve an hourglass figure through their Brazilian Butt Lift. To achieve this desired shape, liposuction is often performed on multiple areas of the body, including the waist, to create a more contoured appearance. Some patients may opt for additional procedures, such as a breast augmentation, to further enhance their figure. It is important to communicate your goal of achieving an hourglass figure with your surgeon, who can provide expert advice on the procedures and contouring techniques necessary.


Choosing the right Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is a personal decision that should take into account your individual goals, preferences, and body type. By understanding the different types of BBL procedures available, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your desired appearance.

Remember, it is crucial to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can guide you through the decision-making process and provide expert advice tailored to your specific needs. They will assess your unique anatomy, discuss your goals, and recommend the most suitable Brazilian Butt Lift procedure to achieve the results you desire.

Please note that the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not replace professional medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider for personalized guidance and recommendations.

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