It was only until recently when I saw myself in some pictures captured at my sister’s wedding that I started to analyse myself more carefully in photos. I noticed the bridge of my nose slightly more arched than previous years – perhaps due to the increased wear of glasses? That can’t be entirely the cause – I’ve noticed a few other family members with similar nose characteristics which has to factor in genetics as a major cause of the hereditary nose I have.

After researching more into how dermal fillers can be used to correct the nose shape, I’ve concluded that fillers are certainly the safest way to instantly reshape a nose with the addition of hyaluronic acid. Correcting that bump or arch is simply achieved by creating ‘more fill’ at the top to make the nose have a perfect angle.

Female face before and after cosmetic nose surgery isolated on white

An unbalanced nose is where the contours are slightly imbalanced to give a prominent bump. Once straightened with the addition of more volume, it ends up looking  much more like a beautiful nose.

It’s definitely a procedure I would consider at £500 – more affordable and risk free than the traditional surgical nose jobs we have all heard about. I’m already feeling highly tempted after seeing several women volunteer for the treatment on live TV – what better review could you get than seeing a woman’s nose change from what I thought was a lovely nose anyway, into an extremely beautiful nose.

Another reason for non-surgical rhinoplasty or a nose-lift, is that it’s completely reversible. Hyaluronic acid is a reversible process and after several months, the acid will have broken down safely in the body anyway. Juvederm Voluma is the most popular choice when it comes to improving the nose shape.

The Three Critical Areas Where Filler Is Applied

Only small quantities of filler are required to create extremely effective results and the aesthetic practitioner will usually draw the three critical points where filler is applied to give the optimum results:

  • The Arch, where there needs to be an aesthetically pleasing curvature from the eyes
  • The Middle – to optimize the perfect slant from top to tip
  • The Tip – otherwise known as the ski-jump tip, where a very small amount of filler is needed to lift it up, creating a pretty feminine look

This is all created by an aesthetic practitioner by injecting filler into that specific area. Hyaluronic acid is the revolutionary substance which we can use to create more shape and volume where we need it most.

The whole process is so quick that it’s even been titled ‘the lunchtime nose job’ because it takes no more than 15-20 minutes, so if I had this procedure, I could be back at my desk with enough time to grab a sandwich, looking beautifully transformed, with minimum discomfort and minimum downtime. Something my team will want to spend the rest of the afternoon talking about!

A dermal filler nose-job means you can carry on with the rest of your day with very little reported side effects that include redness, swelling and bruising. The treatment will most likely take place with a local anaesthetic such as Lidocaine, if not already present within the gel itself.

There are however, limitations to what dermal fillers can treat and this case, it cannot help individuals decrease the size of their nose, such as the width, as the gel is only working to accentuate the shape, by raising the tip or the arch. But in some magical clever way, adding volume in the correct parts of the nose, does help make it appear smaller in other ways. 

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