Whilst Sculptra was going through a rebrand and transfer of ownership rights from Sinclair Pharma to Galderma, Lanluma (by Sinclair Pharma) just happened to arrive on the much needed scene.

With customers eagerly requesting “When will Sculptra be back in stock?” there was a noticeable shortage of global supplies for Sculptra. Patients addressing their slim-line physiques within the winter months of 2020/21 longing for a curvier boost and sexier silhouette, meant increased demand and their sculpted hips shouting out for a retouch of Sculptra.

For spa owners, business was booming post lockdown. Patients were calling constantly at 9am opening time and scheduling their body contouring appointments. But, where was Sculptra? No-one wants to turn business away in a pandemic when there are lockdowns looming around the corner and uncertainty on the horizon, but the last thing patients want is an appointment scheduled with zero Sculptra vials sitting on the shelf of their local spa. For spa owners, the risk of patients cancelling and booking in with another spa downtown was the last thing they envisaged after lockdown restrictions being uplifted. Fake butt implants were never going to be an option.

Relying on one solution is never a wise choice in some cases. Contingency is key, however many won’t assess the need for a backup until it’s too late. When it comes to dermal fillers, there are a variety of brands to cater for specific indications, such as lips or nasolabial folds. Sculpting on the other hand has been relying solely on Sculptra.

Now there is new Poly-L-Lactic acid (PLLA) twin available, medical spas will have more than one option. A cost-effective option versus conventional Sculptra gives aestheticians more flexibility on how they price their treatments against other spas who also offer body contouring. Women on lower incomes who feel conscious of their body image can also benefit from cost-effective treatments like Lanluma.

Sinclair Pharma’s new LANLUMA® product launched on 1st February 2021. Described as a new bio-stimulating dermal filler, specially formulated to reshape and contour buttocks and hips. Also suitable for contouring arms, thighs and hands.

The question on many aesthetician’s minds currently is “Did Sinclair Pharma just copy the Sculptra formula, (that they originally had ownership rights for) and rebrand it?”

Why would Sinclair want to let go of such a good thing?

why would Sinclair want to lose out on something that was going so well for them? They had the original rights after all, so it was a smart move to rebrand the formula as their own and call it LANLUMA.

Just like Sculptra, LANLUMA can help combat cellulite, by filling out thin elements of uneven skin that have stretched. It can also be used to boost natural collagen production in more than one way: increase volume in the face and hands and increased youthfulness by correcting wrinkles and lines in the face.

What can Lanluma be used for and how many treatments?

In summary, Lanluma, just like Sculptra can be used for:

  • Body Contouring
  • Butt Sculpting (Non-surgical butt-lift)
  • Combats Cellulite
  • Activate Natural Collagen Production
  • Erasing Wrinkles
  • Add volume to the face to treat temples and chin sagging
  • Long lasting results

PLLA has been used for over 30 years in the medical and aesthetics industry and has a strong safety record. Its unique formation works by stimulating collagenasis and fibroblast proliferation by stimulating the body’s inflammatory response. This bio-stimulation helps restore the skin’s inner structure and shape. Once the PLLA is absorbed by the body, a new reshaped appearance emerges. Results are not always as instantaneous as fillers, but gradually results emerge and become more apparent.

The recommended number of treatments for PLLA treatments is usually 2-4 treatments 4-6 months apart.

Easy to store within its glass vials, dry reconstituted PLLA power administered after the addition of sterile water. Only a professional with experience of this type of treatment should attempt to inject Lanluma or Sculptra. Not massaging the area of treatment can result in lumps, so it is extremely important only a trained professional with high level of expertise administers PLLA.

How many types of Lanluma are there?

There are two types of Lanluma:

  • V or V210mg for the face, neck and hands.
  • X or X630mg for larger areas of the body (non-surgical butt lift, thighs and arms)

So, it’s important when making your purchase from Foxyfillers to ensure you purchase the correct one.

What are the strength differences (mg) between Sculptra, Lanluma V and Lanluma X?

The difference between Sculptra, Lanluma V and Lanluma X is the following:

  • Sculptra = 150mg per vial, so 300mg when there are two vials. Each vial to be reconstituted with 5ml sterile water each.
  • Lanluma V = 210mg (1 vial) to be reconstituted with 15ml sterile water.
  • Lanluma X = 630mg (1 vial) to be reconstituted with 40ml sterile water.

Lanluma follows on from the first collagen stimulating dermal filler for the face, Ellansé®, which is in the same treatment portfolio range and also owned by Sinclair.

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