Lip fillers or plumping your pout is now becoming as mainstream as  teeth whitening. While some trends filter in and back  out of our social media feeds, lip fillers are here to stay. Influencers  are defining beauty with their fixation on lip fillers. Thin lips are  becoming a minority.

We are living in the age of the ‘lip job’ where the number of searches for ‘lip fillers’ and ‘lip augmentation’ on Google are exponentially increasing each year on end. Lip filling is the most popular non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic treatment.

Lip plumping is becoming a popular appointment scheduled into many women’s lunch breaks (when there is no lockdown, of course). As quick as a manicure and perhaps equally as preferred. If you could prioritize one over the other, (lips or nails), lips would most likely come on top.

With 2020 and 2021 seeing us wearing masks outdoors and covering up our lips, do we still feel we are still getting full value out of our treatments? Are more of us skipping top up treatments until masks are no longer mandatory again?

Where there is demand, there will always be supply and as sales for lip filler treatments peak globally for aestheticians in all continents. In fact, recent trends have seen the introduction of the trendy ‘keyhole pout’, which cleverly uses a string placed against the center of the lower lip and bow of the upper lip, whilst the aesthetician administers gel into the lip. The results create a subtle divide, creating a more fuller and sexier pout which is more noticeable than procedures that don’t use this technique.

Every lip filler patient has different requirements. For natural softness, subtle plumpness and improved texture, the most popular sought after filler is Juvederm Volbella ; injected superficially under the mucosa membrane, this lightweight hyaluronic acid gel smooths out dehydrated lips. When injected into the deep dermis, Volbella provides instant fullness and plumping.

Juvederm Ultra 4 ($350) is the most popular lip filler for maximum plumping and longevity. Available as 2 x 1ml, it is the bestseller on our store, and popularly sought after by spas and clinics. Although, it can be used for deep nasolabial folds too, its deep filling action is why many consider it for fuller lip plumping.

Another bestseller award goes to Restylane Kysse (1x1ml) $230, recently approved for FDA approval has been selling like hot cakes, with spas stocking up for this soft filler that gives a super smooth finish with structural support and more thickness.

Luminera Hydryalix Lips ($300) is the most cost-effective lip dermal filler for 2.5ml of gel (2 x 1.25ml). Furthermore popularised by its smooth monophasic and biphasic gel which provides little or no swelling.

The most economic filler which causes little swelling is Saypha Filler 1x1ml ($160) and is popularly used with Hyaluron pens, for patients opting for a needle-less approach.

Foxy Fillers stock and supply a variety of CE certified brands for lip filling.

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